GYROKINESIS® movement patterns and rehab excerises

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a holistic approach to movement patterns that are designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities including rehab exercises. GYROTONIC® students are young and old, recovering from illness or injury and healthy. Some of the benefits of GYROTONIC and GYROTONIC movement patterns and rehab exercises include increased strength and flexibility, renewed energy and vitality and a general sense of calm and well being.

GYROKINESIS Movement patterns and rehab exercises are group-based training methods. The spiralling movement patterns are smoothly and fluidly connected, while the breathing rhythms harmonize with the movements into rehab exercises. GYROKINESIS Movement patterns and rehab exercises focuses on moving the spine in seven natural directions while training in a group. The spiralling movements are smoothly and fluidly connected. Rhythmical breathing patterns provide the blood with fresh oxygen, and blocked energy is released. The exercises activate the lymphatic and nervous systems, while massaging the internal organs.


An important component of the GYROTONIC methodology is GYROKINESIS. GYROKINESIS movement patterns and rehab exercises are active yoga classes that incorporate the key principles of Kundalini Yoga, ballet, swimming gymnastics, acupressure and Tai-chi.

GYROKINESIS Movement patterns and rehab exercises is yet another Juliu Horvath’s brilliant exercise creations. GYROKINESIS upholds the same principles of GYROTONIC, but does so without the use of equipment.

GYROKINESIS Movement Patterns and Rehab Exercises begin with an energizing self-massage to awaken the body and senses. The fluid movements mobilize the joints while simultaneously stretching and strengthening the body. The effect of GYROKINESIS is an increased range of motion and coordination.

GYROKINESIS Movement patterns and rehab exercises gently work the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating exercises. Postures are smoothly and harmoniously connected through the use of breath, making exercises appear and feel more like a dance than traditional yoga. The corresponding breathing patterns in every movement stimulate the nervous system, open up the energy pathways and oxygenate the blood.

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Core benefits of GYROKINESIS

  • Promotes spine and joint articulation and mobilization
  • Increases muscular contraction, extension, flexibility, and coordination
  • Increases circulation of blood, lymphatic fluids, and energy
  • Improves elimination and absorption
  • Compliments traditional cardiovascular activity and cross-training
  • Provides a mobile workout that can be easily performed while at home, office, or travelling
    Increases body awareness

GYROKINESIS movement patterns and rehab exercises invigorates and re-educates the body to move with fluidity, relaxation and power. GYROKINESIS is ideal for the man, woman, senior, athlete or dancer, seeking health, stamina, strength and flexibility. You will leave feeling elated and invigorated.

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