back/spine rehab

A C.H.E.K practitioner can give you the tools to reduce or eliminate your back pain or help correct alignment.

This is normally done through a stretching and strengthening corrective exercise program, advice on ergonomics, nutrition and lifestyle and referrals to appropriate allied health practitioners to ensure no stone is unturned.
As Paul Chek, the founder of The C.H.E.K Institute would say “If you’re not assessing your guessing”. Without assessing the whole body thoroughly, you really are guessing what the aetiology might be.
Also, just treating the affected area might only bring short-term relief. This normally results in having to make frequent visits to your therapist. If you cannot afford multiple treatments with your therapist, then you might have a problem relieving yourself from the pain.
Preventing injuries is a little like regularly changing the oil in your car and not waiting for the warning light to flash on your dashboard. If you think what would happen to your car if your oil ran out, compare to what you think might happen if you do not look after your body by using preventative measures.

Back/spine rehabilitation package includes:

  • Chek assessment and measurements statically and dynamically
  • Spine/back assessment
  • Nutrition and lifestyle assessment
  • Advanced program design rehab program
  • A 6-24 month action plan
  • Weekly training sessions at our studio
  • Re assessment every 8 weeks