pain management

Get out of pain with our pain management clinic

Anyone can produce a cure or quick fix, that is the easy option. A cure is the removal of symptoms and any good practitioner can do this, however creating well-being is not just the absence of symptoms but maintaining optimal well-being in order to live life to the full and this is the harder one to coach and create.We offer one to one programs for those clients who are ready to treat the root cause of their pain. We have many clients from the local authority and private hospitals such as Salford, Spire, Wythenshawe, and Pennine.

Our body has a way of communicating with us whether it’s back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, flu and others. Optimal well-being is created from a balanced contribution of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. As a practitioner initially looking at the physical body is a great beneficial starting point as many people are unaware on how their diet and lifestyle affect their connective tissues.

The person’s ability to manage food, drink, work and stressful relationships will create long term imbalances in which the body cannot deal with. However, if the pain does not subside and the client is still running round in circles a deeper responsibility has to be taken by the client with the practitioner leading the boat. A poor lifestyle and diet will weaken the immune system and cause disease, meaning the body is not at ease.

When we are tired, wired, burnt out, stressed and unbalanced, the environment becomes ideal for pathogens to move in. This makes us prone to fungal, parasites and viral infections. Hence inflammation shows in various forms around the body from arthritis, bursitis to IBS. An individual’s health is a result of the direct lifestyle.

We offer clients one to one specific programs. Pilates Manchester offers a variety of pain management programs tailored to individual needs.  All clients are admitted through a consultation of their choice.

The  pilates group based rehabilitation treatment enables clients to restore natural movement without impinging chronic pain and teaching the client to work with freedom and non-compression following our carefully choreographed sequencing. This is deemed suitable once clients have completed a one to one course.

The one to one CHEK system offers support and guidance to help people with chronic pain manage pain more effectively, and in doing so, help improve their overall quality of life. We do this by treating the body as an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical human being. All clients are taken through a specific program tailored to their individual needs.