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 An apprenticeship is the most valuable aspect of any comprehensive Pilates education program. Pilates teachers help clients change and improve their body strength and posture through breathing, stretching and conditioning exercises. An apprenticeship is an amazing way to develop your style, knowledge, skills and repertoire over a two year period.

The apprenticeship consists of observation hours, self practice and teaching. You will learn the comprehensive repertoire of the cadillac, reformer, chair and barrels.

Are you a Pilates Teacher/Instructor, or would like to become one? Our YouTube channel has tips to help develop your knowledge even further.

1-2 Year Apprentice Program

In order to qualify as a Certified UK Comprehensive Pilates Instructor you must take an initial Pilates Matwork qualification recognised to be of National Qualification Level 3 or above and then in addition take nationally recognised CPD courses covering Pilates Reformer, Pilates Cadillac/Tower, Pilates Wunda Chair and Pilates Barrels. Once you have completed your initial Matwork qualification you will be able to gain insurance to teach the various add-on disciplines (Reformer, Tower, Chair & Barrels) as you complete these modules.

You will not gain a nationally recognised Comprehensive Pilates Certification & Qualification without completing a Portfolio of case studies, observation, teaching and personal practice and a summative written and Practical Examination. You would also as an option be able to take the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) exam to join their register of Certified comprehensive Pilates Instructors.

Mbodies Training Academy in the UK offers a 350 hour Comprehensive Pilates apparatus qualification which you can add to any Level 3 or equivalent Pilates Matwork Certification – giving you more than enough training hours to eligible to apply to take the PMA exam.

Apprentice Program Trainers

Joy Feary – Mbodies Instructor Trainer

Imelda Noble – Mbodies Instructor Trainer

Loraine Prokopiou – Mbodies Instructor Trainer

Kate Searchfield – Mbodies Instructor Trainer

Nisha Srivastava – Mbodies Instructor Trainer

Kelly Vanderboom – Mbodies Instructor Trainer

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