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“I was completely new to Pilates when I attended my private 90 minute session with Nisha – prior to starting the classes. 
I generally do not stick to any kind of attempts to get fit longterm – I like being outside and classes usually lose their appeal after a couple! This has been different, after my session with Nisha where we looked at my nutrition, sleep and health as well as flexibility and posture, I have not only attended my sessions twice a week (and I am keen to get there!) but I have changed the way I think about what my body needs nutritionally! I have dieted for the 15-20 years with minimal success but my body has now started to change – I feel stronger and my back problems are improving. I have just started my 2nd block booking and although it may be more expensive than a gym membership – it feels worth it because I am seeing results and going to my classes, I have had some expensive gym memberships in the past when I have only attended once or twice… highly recommended!” – Clare Woods, Manchester