For many people, losing weight and keeping it off is a never-ending struggle against a cultural mindset that is drowning in an irresistible “sea of food.”

It’s now medically proven that all disease starts with inflammation. This includes everything from depression to arthritis. Easier said than done??

Most folks view weightloss like running a race — a race they’re hoping to finish as quickly as they can. They’re looking for a silver bullet diet. The problem is that usually most diets just don’t fit — they’re unsustainable for a variety of reasons,

So whatever success they’ve had melts away and then the “fat gain” cycle starts up all over again…

If your goal is to lose weight and reduce inflammation and keep it off for a lifetime, it’s critical to look at this challenge from a number of angles:

  • Your ancestral lens
  • Your mainstream influences
  • Your physical needs
  • Your mental challenges
  • Your cravings dilemma

Sounds complicated? Well, the reasons why we struggle with our weight can be, but often the solutions can be quite simple. And that’s what this series is all about – untangling the complexities and revealing the simple steps we can take to lose the fat we want to for good.

A weightless and inflammation package includes:

  • Chek assessment and measurements statically and dynamically
  • Sleep and stool assessment
  • Nutrition and lifestyle assessment
  • Advanced program design rehab program
  • A 6-24 month action plan
  • Weekly training sessions at our studio
  • Re assessment every 8 weeks