We have a range of courses available to purchase and watch at your leisure. Check out the teaser videos and click the ‘more info’ buttons to buy the packages on our sister site: yoga-anatomy.com.

Seven Day ‘Be Your own Goddess Programme’

Goddesses have been linked with virtues such as beauty, love, sexuality, motherhood, creativity, and fertility. Athena was the goddess of reason, wisdom, and war. She famously sprung fully formed from the forehead of Zeus. This seven day pilates programme gives you the elements of the earth with self mastery to be your own powerful woman using movement to improve mind and body confidence.

Seven Day ‘Men on Mats – Warrior Programme’

A warrior is someone who loves as fully as possible. A warrior is someone who understands their needs and is fearless in telling others what they are, even at the risk of being vulnerable. A warrior knows when to let the silence speak. A warrior is fearless in living.

The warrior mindset is more than aggressiveness and determination, it is about overcoming challenge and adversity. It’s about possessing, understanding, and being able to utilise a set of psychological and physical skills that allow someone to be effective, adaptive, and persistent.

Seven Day Home Running Programme

Do you want a quick maintenance programme that you can do at home daily, without leaving the house? Perhaps you want to work on rehab, flexibility, balance, core strength, posture & better DOMS recovery. This is the course for you.

Seven Day Hips, Knees and Lower Extremity Programme

Loss in flexibility and poor mechanics of the ankle and foot can lead to subsequent pains in your knees, hips and low back.

Seven Day Shoulders, Thoracic and Upper Extremity Programme

Like so many other modern-day problems resulting from work, people who spend hours either in the car or sitting poorly in front of computer screens are particularly prone to thoracic stiffness and overload. The thoracic spine provides much of the rotation and extension of the spine required for everyday movement.

Seven Day Spine Care Programme

Our spine care programme is for time pressed people, hungry to move their bodies from static sedentary postures and relieve back tensions and aches.