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As a CHEK Qualified Professional, you’ll have seen the difference in the way a CHEK professional looks at health versus just about everybody else!

This is the reason why we can confidently state that CHEK trained professionals are within the TOP 5% of the industry.

To be one of the top 5% is most definitely a bold statement! But is it justified? I believe it is, and let me show you why:

1. The C.H.E.K Institute programmes are some of the toughest within the industry. We don’t offer any ‘get certified quick’ courses, which have absolutely NO relevance when working with clients or patients

2. Our courses attract Personal Trainers who want to excel in the industry and break free from the usual mindless nonsense that unfortunately still dominates. However, we also attract medically trained professionals, who also see the C.H.E.K Institute educational system as a natural progression from their previous degree qualification.

3. There are NO professionals in the industry that can offer the same level of comprehensive assessments and health programmes that a CHEK Professional can; this is an indisputable FACT ! I personally employ or have employed many medically trained professionals, and they still fall way short in their offerings (even though some still refer to themselves as Holistic).

4. CHEK Professionals can be found worldwid e, and not purely in locations that happen to be where the training locations are situated. Our reputation has grown over the years: that anyone with the drive and commitment to excel in the industry (and has seen the industry’s flaws) is prepared to do more to achieve the top position in their region!

5. CHEK Professionals successfully work with a diverse range of clientele and patients. Typically, CHEK Professionals work within the following specialist areas:
a. Medical Failures – those patients who believe that the traditional medical establishment has turned their back on them as they don’t fit into the industry’s limited model.

b. Professional Sports – the level of depth we work with lends itself to working with some of the world’s top-level athletes

c . Professional People – business leaders and successful people can always spot the real deal from the fakes! I work with some of the UK’s most prominent business leaders. WHY? Because we run a professional business that not only helps to coach these people through EVERY aspect of their health but also demonstrates that our services are entirely different from everything else available!

6. Paul Chek:
Paul’s name speaks volumes in the industry. He has been a pioneer in the health and fitness industry for the last 25+ years and is the person most other industry leaders turn to for revolutionary new information. Paul has successfully amalgamated many professions, techniques and disciplines and created a reproducible system, the CHEK System.