What’s it all about?

GYROTONIC® is a unique system of exercise that incorporates movement principles from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and t’ai chi.

Central to GYROTONIC® is the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® , a specially designed wooden machine with rotational discs and weighted pulleys that allow the exerciser to strengthen their muscles using flowing, circular movements.

What the expert says…

Beatriz Pascual is attributed as the woman who introduced gyrotonic to the UK. Trained by Julio Horvath, who created the system, she has her own studio in London, and also runs gyrotonic teacher training programmes “GYROTONIC® may resemble Pilates,” says Pascual, “but it is much more like yoga in its origin and breathing techniques. Pilates followers often make the mistake of thinking it’s the same and then find it difficult to master the breathing, which is specific to each particular movement pattern.”

“The machine facilitates your movements,” Pascual continues, “but it makes you do the work, not the other way round. You will feel better after one session, but overnight miracles aren’t going to happen – this is one of the biggest issues I have explaining to my clients. It takes at least five to 10 sessions to understand the principles behind GYROTONIC®. ‘GYROTONIC® is three-dimensional in its range of movements, and this is unique to this form of exercise. Individuals who are used to working in linear movements are often surprised by how little control they have of their bodies in this way – so you need to be consistent with your sessions to see the benefits. Once a week is good, but twice a week is preferable”

“Connecting with your body and getting the breathing right is crucial to getting the most out of gyrotonic – which means switching off and leaving the pressures of life outside. Establishing this state of active relaxation can be hard, especially when you are concentrating on mastering new body skills and trying to do your best.”

“GYROTONIC® is a complete system of exercising: it articulates your joints, improves the flow of energy through the body, stimulates acupuncture points, builds stamina and strength and improves health.”

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