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Are you a woman aged between 42- 57 year old who can’t lose weight?

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Client testimonial –“I am one month in to the 6 month Chek program with Nisha and already I am feeling and seeing some great improvements to my body shape, energy levels, core strength and flexibility. 

I am approaching 50, a mum of 2 school aged children and in full time employment. I’ve been on a diet of some kind probably the whole of my adult life. Bouncing from size to size. My wardrobe of the last 20 years contains sizes ranging from 12 to 18! Unfortunately for me, the sizes of 16 to 18 are the most well worn. I’ve suffered a stiff neck, migraines, poor posture and a problematic lower back for years. I’m always tired. 

I met with Nisha at her St. Helens studio. The studio is a spotlessly clean, inviting, well equipped room. I immediately felt at ease with Nisha’s welcome. Together we went through the Chek program details and I learned that this for me was to be a new start in the way I thought about myself, the food I ate, the activities I do as well as the positives of sleep and hobbies. There was no sign of no quick fix promises. The program was going to take communication, cooperation and coordination with heaps of support from Nisha. But it’s working. My lower back pain has gone already. My flexibility has improved greatly. I am moving around with ease, my body shape is changing and I’m happy with me. 

I am so very grateful for Nisha’s support and enthusiasm.  I am looking forward to more positive changes. Thank you!”

So I am approaching 50 and my body is changing all the time. One size does not fit all. It’s a myth that pilates or any other kind of exercise makes you slim. Flat abdominals always start in the kitchen. Everyone is different and this is why consultations are so important. We need to access rather than guess.  A females body is in a constant hormone fluctuation and is designed to bear children. If you want optimal results for your body , you must be eating optimally nutritionally. A major content of training women is the fat, carbohydrate to protein ratio.
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Is this you?
  1. If you are aged between 42-57 years.
  2. You may be going through the menopause or be peri-menopausal.
  3. You will want to reduce bloating, reduce pain and discomfort, fit your clothes better, have more energy, and improve posture, balance and fog brain.
  4. You will be willing to work me once a week for a six consecutive months on a one to one basis.
  5. I have to add this is not a quick fix, a drink, a diet pill, a fad diet, it’s an education of mind , body and spirit.
Why choose me to help you on your journey?
  • I am walking the walk and talking the talk as I approach 50 years old.
  • Yes I have curves and have always been the fuller figure but can still be pain free and age gracefully and be the best possible version of myself.
  • ‘Heart shape bottom syndrome’ is a term coined by Paul Chek.
  • I have experienced it myself and seen it on many Ladies as well as myself.
  • It is a result of a dysfunctional abdominal wall. This can be due to many things including – hormone levels, stress, wrong foods for your body type, hydration, dysfunctional or reversed breathing appears, exercise, thinking (swapping belief systems), leaky gut syndrome, numerous women issues and possibly IBS.
    Do I qualify?
    How many hours are you presently wasting on hospital appointments, GP appointments, various therapist appointments ?
    How much are you spending on those things?
    How much are you spending on the exterior to look good?  – “As the saying goes, you will never look good on the outside till you look good on the inside”.
    Are you ready to question your belief system?
    Are you willing to invest the time, energy and resources to achieve those goals?
    Are you willing to invest in yourself for six months?
    If so call for your free phone consultation.
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