Reduce handicap, hit your ball further and improve flexibility and core strength.

Golfers must consider themselves athletes and do training programs scientifically designed to improve integration and synchronization of the whole body. Amateur golfers  achieve approximately 90% of their peak muscle activity when driving a ball. This is the same lifting intensity as picking up a weight that can be lifted four times before total fatigue. Yet Golfers fail to consider that they strike the ball an average of 30 to 40 times a game with comparable intensity.

  • At any given time, as many as 30% of all professional golfers are playing injured
  • 53% of male and 43% of female golfers suffer from lower back pain
  • Those who play golf and participate in another sport are 40% more likely to develop back pain than those who just play golf

Golf package includes:

  • Chek assessment and measurements statically and dynamically
  • Swing assessment
  • Nutrition and lifestyle assessment
  • Advanced program design rehab program
  • A 6-24 month action plan
  • Weekly training sessions at our studio
  • Re assessment every 8 weeks