I am really enjoying these online classes. I missed attending Nisha’s classes when I relocated to Scotland so I jumped at the opportunity of online classes when these were advertised. I now attend far more classes than I did before the lockdown which surely is one silver lining!
Zoey Wheddon
Loved the class Nisha, thanks so much. The morning session really uplifts my day!
Diane Williams
Just a little note to let you know that I am really enjoying the classes. I love having the extra days and the variety of classes.
Elaine Coulter
I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful initiative of the online Yoga/Pilates/Garuda classes each evening. I find that Zoom works very well and, apart from when the furniture gets in the way, it’s very easy to follow your instructions because you speak slowly and clearly. I really look forward to joining the class each evening. Keep up the good work!
Graham Williams
Just to let you know how much I am enjoying your Pilates classes! Since having to close my business they are the only structure I have to the week at the moment and have become a real hilight. Living alone at a time like this can be mentally challenging, and I feel your little community is helping me take the edge off the solidarity. I’ve never been inclined to exercise at home before and I’m surprised to find how quickly the hour flies by!
I feel your classes are keeping on top of my posture and keeping me aligned, meaning I will hopefully be fit and ready for the manic time ahead when I reopen the salon, so thank you so much for your efforts.
Am loving Nisha’s online evening classes and hope some will continue beyond lockdown. I love my hour of evening Pilates without the travel time and the consequent hassle of do I eat before or afterwards? Nisha is a knowledgeable, creative, inspired and inspiring teacher, backed up when in her airy and spotless studio by a team of skilled instructors. The evening routines give a sense of structure and community to the latter part of these challenging days and help body and mind to be positive. For those of us self-isolated and living alone, it is a real antidote to meltdown. And I have never felt fitter!
Gabrielle Odonavan
When I attended my first Reformer class, Nisha told me that every other sport I took part in would be enhanced. I must admit that I was very sceptical as I had spent almost 40 years practising karate at a high level and thought my fitness level to be very high. I was wrong. Pilates has now become (in just 2 short months) my main exercise system of choice. I have my own small Pilates machine at home that I now practice with on a daily basis the excellent and challenging routines I have picked up from Nisha’s classes. I am stronger, more supple and powerful than at anytime in my life. Unfortunately though, I am no better looking, if only Pilates could help with that!
Peter Thompson
I am very new to the whole Yoga / Pilates scene but do have a vast background in competing in sports at both a local and international standard. Following a period of injury you were recommended to me to assist in not only rehabilitation but also longer term health and well-being. Following this, I have been getting involved in your Yoga / Pilates virtual classes now for the last 3 weeks and I am absolutely loving them. I try to do 4 virtual classes a week and I can feel the difference you have made in my posture and wellbeing. I no longer wake up with back / hip pain and hope the virtual classes can continue in some capacity.

Despite wanting to, due to work commitments I will not always be able to make it to a studio class, therefore, these virtual classes have been a perfect alternative. Whilst I accept you are unable to view and correct poses and posture virtually, it is a brilliant alternative and hope they continue.

I am looking forward to the next class, I feel bad when I miss a class and your positivity and ethos gives me a platform for all round healthier living.

Thank you for your time and constant positivity, particularly during these testing times of CVD19.

Alison McKinley
I have done a number of Pilates classes on the reformer machines. It is a fantastic way to improve core stability and to be much more aware of and to improve posture. Nisha is a very knowledgable teacher who challenges you and provides instruction on how to do the exercises correctly.
Vicky Clark, BCL Legal
I have been doing Pilates reformer for 2 months now and have attended 9 classes. I came to improve my core strength, posture, lengthen my hamstrings and also to vary my exercise routine as I was doing all hot yoga previously. I have just started to notice changes in my stomach & arm muscles and also my posture. Don’t let the machine put you off, the instructors talk you through how to use it and once you have used it a few times, it is like riding a bike
Lisa Middleton
If you are looking to get re acquainted with your core! Then give the Pilates mat or Pilates Reformer classes a try, you’ll love it, these guys are great, Manchester’s best kept secret.
Jeremy Glover
I have attended Reformer classes sfor over 5 months now and have found that they have improved my flexibility and range of movement immensely. I have greater flexibility now than I had 10 years ago!
Ben Allen
I have attended pilates reformers classes and thoroughly enjoyed them, as well as benefitting physically. I have a back injury which may result in surgery and was advised to exercise to help improve my core and overall fitness. I researched and found this class, it helps so much, the no fuss approach to the class and efficient reception upon arrival is exactly what I want, no pushy sales pitch just a passion for what they do. I regularly recommend and cannot praise enough. The discounted car park is a massive draw
Nina Monaghan