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I attended the Mat Pilates class last Wednesday and I absolutely loved it. I can’t remember the teacher’s name – Lisa??! But she was really welcoming and adapted the poses for different needs within the class, including for pregnancy. I felt that we were really able to connect with each pose in greater detail and really learn the poses correctly. The sequences were great and it was a really fun class! I’m looking forward to the next!
Sarah Crandon
I took the Reformer classes after hearing positive recommendations from a friend who liked the general feeling it gave her. She does nothing now but Reformer (no gym, no other sports). Also I have been to an osteopath this year to try and solve some issues with pain in my leg. She tried to open up my lower back and neck area where movement was greatly compromised. She also recommended Reformer. Now after four sessions I do somehow feel a difference, even in my yoga practise. But it’s hard for me to define in what way and why. I do feel like my lower back flexibility has improved (I noticed when doing forward bends) and for the first time I can almost hold my leg out straight on one side (this is a first in years of yoga practise), and pain appears to have been reduced in my leg.
Claire Gould
I’ve attended two Pilates Reformer classes and absolutely loved it! I just moved to Manchester from Canada and did Pilates quite frequently back in Canada and was thrilled to find the Yoga Lounge offered Pilates classes. After each class I’ve felt rejuvenated, relaxed and strong! Can’t wait to continue with the classes!
Kelly Scragg
Having sustained a long term knee injury, my physiotherapist recommended Nisha to me. After a one-to-one session with Nisha I was hooked! Nisha understood the complications of my injury and has helped improve my core strength which in turn has improved my stability. I was also overweight after having children and regular Reformer Pilates classes have helped me to tone up, lose weight and has really helped me focus on getting more healthy both in mind and body. Nisha is a fantastic teacher, incredibly knowledgable and teaches fantastic discipline. I love it so much that I have now got my husband hooked. He regularly competes in triathlons and he is convinced that Pilates is the reason he has shaved so much time off his triathlons this year! We love it and cannot recommend Nisha highly enough.”
Jayne Hynes
I actually came to a pilates reformer class to review it for my fitness blog http://alexisflex1.blogspot.co.uk. Having never been to a pilates class before I really enjoyed it and found Nisha a great teacher, making it easy to follow and helping to get that deep stretch!! The machines can get you into positions you didn’t think possible and it gave me a good boost for the rest of day :) I’ll definitely be back for another class and to try and pilates on the mat soon.
Alexis flex
Having recently moved to the area, I was looking for a Pilates mat class to replace the classes I’d been attending for seven years previously. I’m so glad that I discovered the Yoga Lounge – the Pilates Mat class is excellent. The pacing is perfect and very inclusive. Despite being mixed-ability, the exercises are pitched at the perfect level, with options to make easier/harder, depending on your level. One of the key benefits is the explanation that the instructor gives whilst you’re doing the moves – it really helps to know why you’re doing things in a certain way, as it helps build your body-awareness and develop your understanding of Pilates practice. I always leave class feeling both worked-out and relaxed!
Melissa Flowerdew Clarke
When I attended my first Reformer class, Nisha told me that every other sport I took part in would be enhanced. I must admit that I was very sceptical as I had spent almost 40 years practising karate at a high level and thought my fitness level to be very high. I was wrong. Pilates has now become (in just 2 short months) my main exercise system of choice. I have my own small Pilates machine at home that I now practice with on a daily basis the excellent and challenging routines I have picked up from Nisha’s classes. I am stronger, more supple and powerful than at anytime in my life. Unfortunately though, I am no better looking, if only Pilates could help with that!
Peter Thompson
Reformer pilates is something anyone can do, but don’t be mistaken into thinking it’s gentle! It’s an all-over strength and conditioning session that brutally exposes your body’s weaknesses and overuses. It’s so quickly rewarding, with each session you feel like you can do a bit better on each exercise and get a greater awareness of your body’s potential. As a 40 year old endurance athlete I think pilates is essential for anyone who wants their body to achieve more than slump over a desk or reach for a podium.
Rowena Harding
I have done a number of Pilates classes on the reformer machines. It is a fantastic way to improve core stability and to be much more aware of and to improve posture. Nisha is a very knowledgable teacher who challenges you and provides instruction on how to do the exercises correctly.
Vicky Clark, BCL Legal
I have been doing Pilates reformer for 2 months now and have attended 9 classes. I came to improve my core strength, posture, lengthen my hamstrings and also to vary my exercise routine as I was doing all hot yoga previously. I have just started to notice changes in my stomach & arm muscles and also my posture. Don’t let the machine put you off, the instructors talk you through how to use it and once you have used it a few times, it is like riding a bike
Lisa Middleton
If you are looking to get re acquainted with your core! Then give the Pilates mat or Pilates Reformer classes a try, you’ll love it, these guys are great, Manchester’s best kept secret.
Jeremy Glover
I have attended Reformer classes sfor over 5 months now and have found that they have improved my flexibility and range of movement immensely. I have greater flexibility now than I had 10 years ago!
Ben Allen
I have attended pilates reformers classes and thoroughly enjoyed them, as well as benefitting physically. I have a back injury which may result in surgery and was advised to exercise to help improve my core and overall fitness. I researched and found this class, it helps so much, the no fuss approach to the class and efficient reception upon arrival is exactly what I want, no pushy sales pitch just a passion for what they do. I regularly recommend and cannot praise enough. The discounted car park is a massive draw
Nina Monaghan
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