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Nisha Srivastava – Pilates Instructor

Nisha Srivastava is a fully certified Level 2 STOTT PILATES® instructor, qualified to teach from beginner to advance levels on Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels.

She is also a certified dance teacher with the “Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance”, Level 1 GYROKINESIS® / GYROTONIC® instructor, and holds her “500 hours British Wheel of Yoga”, 1000 hours Senior Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance and is a certified Garuda Mat, Equipment and barre instructor. She has 16 years of experience in the industry and is the preferred teacher Of Everton FC, Salford City Reds, Wigan Warriors and Saints RFL. The two highlights in her career have been coaching the England RFL squad 2012 at St.Georges Park and Loughborough plus teaching Sting on his on tour when he was at The Manchester MEN back in October 2007. She is presently working her way through her CHEK certifications, on going  training with James de Silva (Garuda) and is still doing dissection and fascia .

Nisha’s energy is infectious. She knows how to bring out the best in her students. She blends her own artistic vision and life experiences into each lesson. Nisha originates from North West of England and was first introduced to Health and Wellness through her mother, who follows “The Good Life” (aka Felicity Kendall). She gets her determination, ambition and lust for adventure through her father who hails from Lucknow in Northern India. Nisha has been in the Dance, Health and Fitness industry for 16 years and uses this background to develop her own style of Athletic Pilates. She is a fully qualified Dance teacher with the “Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance” and ran her own dance school “Alhambra Academy of Dance and Drama” for sixteen years before selling it in December 2007. Her unique style creates a vigorous and dynamic Vinyasa flow of Pilates, which is based on STOTT PILATES and is inspired by her dance and Yoga experience. Her bespoke programme is taught according to the anatomical principles of STOTT PILATES and the ‘F.A Treatment and Management of injuries in Football’.

The methods of Pilates teaching that she uses have been greatly influenced by her dance college days using the works of Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham. In recent years she has added the influence of international presenters- James de Silva, Paul CHEK, Emma Lane, Dr.Armin (Parasitology), Dan Hellman, Kathy Corey, Madeline Black, Marie-Jose Blom, Michael King, Shiva Rae, John Friend, Simon Low, Elizabeth Larkam, Sean Corn, P.J.Oclair, John Garey and Hollywood’s favourite Siri Dharma Galliano,Gill Hedley,Tom Myers and Gary Gray. She also incorporates concepts from her extensive travels across Asia, Middle East and U.S studying various forms of Pilates and Yoga.

“Nisha Srivastava is a registered SYT 1000 teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK.”

CHEK Excercise Coach

Nisha’s Qualifications

  • May 2016 – CHEK HLC 3, Oxford, Paul Chek
  • February 2016 – Mbodies Pilates Apparatus Induction Course, Teeside
  • April 2014- CHEK Europe UK, GOLF Performance Specialist, Dan Hellman
  • March 2014 – Gyrotonic Level 2 Pre training Part A, London
  • September 2013 -Tom Myers Anatomy in Trains 2, Birmingham
  • September 2013- Tom Myers Anatomy in Trains 1, Birmingham
  • May 2013 CHEK HLC 2, CHEK Europe, UK
  • April 2013 CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK Europe, Uk
  • February 2013- Chek Scientific Back Conditioning
  • February 2013 Garuda Foundation Apparatus, London,UK
  • February 2013-GARUDA Matwork Standing & Seated, London, UK
  • January 2013 – Gyrotonic Pelvic Application, Milan, Italy
  •  October 2012 – Gyrotonic Level 1 Certification, Germany
  •  September 2012 – Gyrokinesis Level 1 Certification, Germany
  •  August 2012 – Gyrotonic Apprenticeship, London, UK
  •  June 2012 – Gyrotonic Apprenticeship, London, UK
  •  May 2012 – C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1, Lancashire, UK
  •  March 2012 – Gyrokinesis Apprenticeship, Paris
  •  January 2012 – Gyrotonic – Foundation, London
  •  Dec 2011 Thai Therapeutic Massage, Old Medicine Hospital, Chaing Mai, 180 hours, Thailand.
  •  December 2011 Thai Massage Foundation, Namo Yoga Chaing Mai, 30 Hours, Thailand
  •  December 2011 – Gyrotonic – Pre-Training, London
  •  November 2011 – Gyrokinesis Foundation, Paris
  •  August 2011 – GYROKINESIS Pre-Training, Berlin
  •  June 2011 – Chakra Vinyasa Intensive, London
  •  June 2011 – Nordic Walking Teachers Diploma Crosby
  •  April 2007 to October 2010 – BWY Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Rosemary Bennett
  •  June 2010 – Evolutionary journey: Vinyasa Flow Summer Institute with Shiva Rae
  •  August 2008 – Analysis of Human Movement, Intelligent Fitness, Oxford
  •  March 2008 – Postural Assessment and Correction, Intelligent Fitness, Oxford
  •  December 2007 -AEA Deep Water Fitness
  •  September 2007 – Zumba Teacher Training, London
  •  September 2007 – Gravity Post Rehab, Canons, London City
  •  July 2007 – The F.A level 3 in the “Treatment and Management of Injury in Football”,
  •  St Helens College, St Helens
  •  January 2007 – The F.A level 2 in the “Treatment and Management of Injury in Football”,
  •  St Helens College, St.Helens
  •  November 2006 – Flexi-Bar, Aintree, Fitness first, Aintree
  •  September 2006 – Multitrax Indoor Cycling Foundation, Holmes place, London
  •  July 2006 – V.T.C.T Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology, St Helens College
  •  December 2005 – A.E.A-certified Aqua instructor, David Lloyd, Cheadle
  •  October 2005 – Speedo Shallow Wave, Esporta, Leeds
  •  August 2005 Torso Conditioning David Wells, Oxford
  •  August 2005 Science of Torso Training, David Wells, Intelligent Fitness, Oxford
  •  June 2005 – Intelligent Fitness, Advanced Skills Flexibility and the Science Stretching, Manchester
  • June 2005 – Intelligent Fitness Advanced Skills Postural Assessment and Correction, Manchester
  • January 2005 – Field Based Fitness Testing, Sports Coach, U.K, St Helens
  • December 2004 – STOTT PILATES Advanced CCB, Active Pilates Oxford
  • November 2004 – STOTT PILATES Advanced Reformer, Active Pilates, Oxford
  • August 2004 – STOTT PILATES Advanced Mat, Active Pilates,
  • April 2004 – Keiser Spin Certification, Village Whiston,Liverpool
  • March 2004 – Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Intelligent Fitness,
  • Oxford August 2003 – Intensive Reformer, Toronto
  • October 2002 – Red Cross Emergency Life Support Course, Village Warrington
  • September 2002 – Pilate’s Mat work, Michael King, Pilates Institute Birmingham
  • February 2000, Terry McKinley, Kick Fit, Wavertree
  • August 2001 – STOTT PILATES Mat Work Certification, Toronto
  • July 1999 – Pulse Spin Certification, Village Warrington
  • November 1998 – Cycle Reebok Certification, Birmingham
  • August 1998 – Boxercise Certification with Andy Wake, London
  • April 1996 I.S.T.D Associate Diploma, Modern Dance
  • November 1993 – R.S.A Exercise To Music, St Helens
  • October 1992 – Step Certification, Peppers Fitness, St Helens
  • October 1990 ISTD Tap Associate, Liverpool
  • January 1990 ISTD Modern Theatre Associate, Liverpool
  • September 1998 – Chi ball level 1 Certification with Monica Linford, Manchester
  • September 1987 – December 1990,Meresyside Dance & Drama Centre,3 Year teachers Diploma course in Theatre,Dance & Drama

Workshops CEC’S & CPD Points

  • September 2016 – Tells of a Diseased Face, Emma Lane, 6hrs, London
  • August 2016 – Tells of a Diseased Body, Emma Lane, 6hrs, Sheffield
  • July 2016- Cadaver, five day fascial dissection, Julian Baker, Southhampton
  • June 2016 – Biotensegrity Fascia Summit, 6hrs, Worcestershire
  • February 2016 – Cadaver, Mel Cash London
  • March 2014-Cadaver Slide & Glide Anatomy of Scoliosis,David Katz, London
  • March 2014- Cadaver Soft tissue in a functional, clinical treatment, Mel Cash, London
  • December 2013 -Cadaver Anterior to Posterior Spine, London
  • December 2013- Cadaver movement of the SI Joint & Sacrum, London
  • December 2013 – Cadaver fascial relationship of Diamphragm & Pubis, London
  • April 2012  Reformer with Fitness Circle, Essen, Germany
  • April 2012  Athletic Conditioning on the Studio Tower, Essen, Germany
  • April 2012  Athletic Conditioning on the Cardio-Tramp, Essen, Germany
  • April 2012  V2 Vinyasa on the V2 Max Plus Reformer, Essen, Germany
  • April 2012  Core Stability Barre Training, Level 2 ,Essen, Germany
  • April 2012 Reformer with Platform Extender, Essen, Germany
  • April 2012 Core Stability Barre Training, Level 1, Essen, Germany
  • April 2012 Big Blue Stability Cusions, Essen, Germany
  • November 2011 Lower Back Cadaver, London
  • October 2011 Fascia & Connective Tisssue Cadaver, London
  • January 2011 Level 3 Yoga Teacher in REPS R0075308
  • March 2010 Fuctional Core & Abs, Marvin Burton, Manchester
  • February 2010 Fitness Pilates, Rachel Holmes, Manchester
  • September 2009 Functional Freestyle Fitness, Marvin Burton & Rachel Holmes
  • Oct 2006 FA MEDICAL Conference
  • October 2008 – STOTT PILATES Breast Cancer, Oxford
  • October 2008 STOTTPILATES Total Body Sculpting
  • October 2008 STOTTPILATES Ultimate Backcare
  • October 2008 STOTTPILATES Mini Flex Ball
  • October 2008 STOTTPILATES Matwork for Breast Cancer
  • October 2008 STOTTPILATES 3D Balance
  • June 2007 STOTT Program design
  • June 2007 – STOTT PILATES Arc Barrel, Oxford
  • June 2007 – STOTT PILATES Toned Arms, Buns and Thighs, Oxford
  •  June 2007 – STOTT PILATES Group Programming, Oxford
  •  May 2007 – First aid, St Helens
  • March 2007 – STOTT PILATES  Group SPX Reformer training, Y.M.C.A London
  • January 2007 – First Aid Awareness ABC & CPR, St Helens College, St Helens
  • January 2007 – The F.A Child Protection and Best Practice Certificate, St Helens College,
  • January 2007 FA Child Protection & Best Practice
  • October 2006 – STOTT PILATES Foam Roller, Oxford
  • October 2006 – STOTT PILATES Stability Ball, Oxford
  • OCT 2006 Responsible Sports Coach, st.Helens College
  • September 2006  Sports Coach Uk, CHILD PROTECTION & Good Practice
  • December 2005  STOTTPILATES Injury, Specialist, Population, Oxford
  • September 2006 VCT Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
  • October 2005  Speedo Shallow Wave, Steph Toogood, Leeds
  • July 2005 STOTT PILATES Pre Natal Workshop, Oxford
  • May 2005 – STOTT PILATES Golf and Racquets Pilates Mat Work and Reformer, Oxford
  • May 2005 – STOTT PILATES Postural Analysis, Oxford
  • March 2005 Advanced Anatomy
  • January 2005 Field base Testing, Sports Coach, UK
  • July 2003 – STOTT PILATES Pre-Natal, Toronto
  • November 1993 – Slide Certification, Village Hyde, Manchester

GYROTONIC and Logo, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM, GYROKINESIS, and GYROTONER are registered trademarks of GYROTONIC Sales Corp and are used with permission.


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