Join our ‘Upgraded You’ Pilates Apparatus Programme

 Click here to pay – A one time payment of £195 

What you will receive with the ‘Upgraded You’ Pilates Apparatus Programme

1. Two one-to-one 60 minute sessions– These sessions will ensure that you understand your body and how each piece of apparatus can enhance your wellbeing. We will take you through the ladder barrel, stability chair, cadilac, reformer and vertical frame.

2. Four semi private 60 minute sessions– These sessions involve the garuda sling that will help support your body whilst you get into positions you never thought obtainable. We also use the pilates reformer to train your powerhouse or core stability and also the vertical frame to traction your spine.

2. Nutrition and recipe ideas – Especially looking at reducing inflammation in order to balance cortisol and other hormones. 

3. Twelve on-demand at home sequences – These sessions are 15-30 minutes long, and can be done at your own leisure. 

4. Online 7-day rehabilitation programme – Choose a 7-day programme of your choice, focusing on a specific area of the body. 

5. You can do all this on the go from your mobile phone, iPad or PC. All you need is a Facebook account. 

The ‘Upgraded You’ Pilates Apparatus Programme

What is your biggest body problem and when would you like to get it sorted?

  • Lower back pain?
  • Tightness in the shoulders and neck?
  • Inflexible joints?
  • Poor core stability?
  • Something else?

Who are you?

  • A busy mum
  • A shift worker on their feet all day
  • A key worker
  • A driver

Questions for you:

1. How long do you think it will take to see the results you want?

2. What do you feel you need to do to get the results?

3. What will it cost you if you don’t act?

4. Would you like to work in a one-to-one situation or semi-private?

5. When would you like to get this problem started and handled?

Join our ‘Upgraded You’ Pilates Apparatus Programme

 Click here to pay – A one time payment of £195 

If you follow and participate in our ‘Upgraded You’ Pilates Apparatus Programme, you can expect to see some of the results from below.  

  1.  Decompression traction – Expect to feel more space in your spine and major joints.
  1. More flexibilityWatch your body get into shapes that you never thought you could achieve. 
  1. Mindset – Have a better mindset and perspective on life. A better ability to deal with daily problems and the challenges that life delivers. 
  1. Balance – You will learn to use the tilting reflex, which will promote more balance by using the full Pilates apparatus. 
  1. Improve your powerhouse – You will learn to co-ordinate your arms and legs in order to strengthen your centre. 
  1. New neural pathways – You will build new neural patterns within your brain and body.
  1. New habits – You will establish new engrams and learning habits, creating new habits. 

Join our ‘Upgraded You’ Pilates Apparatus Programme

 Click here to pay – A one time payment of £195 

Frequently asked questions

How long is this going to take?  This will be over 6-8 weeks. This includes 6 face-to-face 60 minute sessions at the studio, plus working at your own pace and choice at home. 

I am pregnant, can I attend? The sequences are intended for post natal women with no problems. However please call 0800-246-1251 and we will tell you the set times. 

I am in chronic pain and was told by my GP, consultant or physician to do Pilates. Is this for me? Without assessing , we are guessing. Any chronic pain or injured client is always taken through a through in house assessment. So I would say No. However please call 0800-246-1251 and we will offer you something more suitable.

Can I have a refund if I don’t do the challenge? No this programme requires accountability and is for action takers, no excuses , no refunds.

Is this just for women? No I have had many men do both pilates and yoga over the years. This is for anyone who is ready to upgrade their mindset and transfer their emotions.

I work shifts, can I still attend? Yes the recordings are left up as replays so you can access anytime. The face-to-face sessions are at any of the timetabled sessions each week, so you can move the class to suit. 

I am on holiday, can I change my class? Yes, you can change your class, however these classes must be used within an 8 week period. 

If I am ill and cannot make it? You may change that session providing you have given at least 24 hours notice on the app, but you can continue with the online work at home.