Stacey Jenion

I come from an extremely sporting background, as well as having a keen interest in Pilates and yoga, I have played for Tameside Netball Club for the past 10 years, my team won many league titles and tournaments, been in two national league finals and were national champions in 2006. I was selected to play for the County Academy of Greater Manchester for three successive years and then went on to play for the university 1st team. Alongside this I have also played competitive and non-competitive ice hockey, field hockey, tennis, gymnastics, rock climbing and trampolining.

I am a chartered physiotherapist currently working in one of the largest hospitals in the North West. I have been teaching clinical Pilates ever since gaining my professional qualification, I am able to individually personalise my classes to suit all abilities and levels, my physiotherapy background allows me to modify Pilates exercises to aid with rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. I am always striving to gain an overall experience as a physiotherapist and consider Pilates to be a fundamental adjunct to treatment and essential in the prevention & treatment of injuries. As well as incorporating Pilates in my clinical practice I have also done voluntary work for Gloucester Rugby Club and West Bromwich Albion Football Club where I have incorporated Pilates exercises into injury prevention and sports rehabilitation programmes.

June 2015 – Physiotherapy BSc (Hons)

July 2015 – Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute Matwork Level 3

November 2014 – Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute Matwork Level 1

February 2015 – First Aid in Sport Qualification