How to exercise safely, without harming you or your baby!

The ‘4 Week Pre/Post Natal Pilates Reformer, Garuda Sling & Vertical Frame Course’

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What you will receive in the ‘4 Week Pre/Post Natal Pilates Reformer, Garuda Sling & Vertical Frame Course’:

1. 4 Face-to-face 60 minute sessions – Using the Garuda sling to support mum & baby. Working with the gentle intensity of spring resistance on the Pilates Reformer to improve core stability. Tractioning the Spine using the Vertical Frame to increase ease of movement during pregnancy. 

2. 8 Pre/Post Natal sequences – focusing on different styles + genres of Pilates, and areas of the body.

3. Nutrition and recipe ideas – Especially looking at reducing inflammation in order to balance cortisol and other hormones. 

4. Mindset tips – Here I will give you a selection of mindfulness practices that will help you to be less reactional, and more actional in everyday life scenarios.

5. Breathwork and meditation – Breathwork and meditation has a profound effect on our central nervous system by taking us from a state of fight or flight to parasympathetic which is more like anabolic repair. Meditation will help you look more relaxed and increase longevity if you try it.

6. You can do all this on the go from your mobile phone, iPad or PC. All you need is a Facebook account. 

The ‘4 Week Pre/Post Natal Pilates Reformer, Garuda Sling & Vertical Frame Course’

  • Mums, what are you doing for you?
  • Being a new or mum-to-be can be stressful. Mother are caregiver archetypes, most of the time giving to everyone else rather than to themselves.
  • Be part of our mums community, and feel supported and nurtured. 
  • Have weekly accountability by attending a weekly face-to-face session.
  • This is 4 consecutive weeks usage. Sessions can only be taken on pre/post natal timetable sessions.

If you follow and participate in my ‘4 Week Pre/Post Natal Pilates Reformer, Garuda sling & Vertical Frame Course’, you can expect to see some of the results from below.  

  1. Better sleep – Expect to feel more cognitive repair which will result in less brain fog and forgetfulness as a mum. 
  1. More energyWatch your energy and vitality increase as you learn to find balance with your macro and micronutrients, rather than grabbing sugary/starchy snacks.  
  1. Mindset – Have a better mindset and perspective on life. A better ability to deal with daily problems and the challenges that motherhood delivers. 
  1. Choices – You will learn to make better choices that will take you closer to your body goals. In particular learning to say NO, that take you further away from progress. In particular, setting boundaries. 
  1. Improve fitness – You will improve your fitness and stamina level. Having more awareness to what works and what does not work for you in your pre/post natal body. 
  1. More confidence – You will learn have more confidence and improve your mood, by learning about the gut/brain axis and how to manage your emotions. 
  1. Empathy & compassion – You will learn to be a better listener and be able to contribute to life in order to improve the world by learning to love yourself first. 
  1. New habits – You will establish new engrams and learning habits, creating new habits that both you and the foetus/child can observe. Children learn by what they see, not what you say. 

Join the ‘4 week Pre/Post Natal Pilates Reformer, Garuda Sling & Vertical Frame Course now

 Click here to pay -A one time payment of £99

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Frequently asked questions

How long is this course going to take?  This course is 4 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS with a WEEKLY face-to-face Reformer Apparatus class. You will get additional programmes to work with at home. 

I am pregnant, can I attend? The sequences are intended for pre/post natal women with no problems. So I would say yes. 

I am in chronic pelvic pain and was told by my GP, consultant or physician to do Pilates. Is this for me? Without assessing , we are guessing. Any chronic pelvic pain or injured client is always taken through a through in house assessment. So I would say No. However please call 0800-246-1251 and we will offer you something more suitable.

Can I have a refund if I don’t do the challenge? No this programme requires accountability and is for action takers, no excuses, no refunds.

Can I bring my partner?  These sessions are semi-private sessions with other paying clients. Partners  are encouraged in private sessions only. 

Can I bring my children?  Yes indeed, we love having children at sessions. So all welcome.

I work shifts, can I still attend? Yes, providing you can take your 4 face to face sessions on the pre/post natal sessions on the timetable.. 

If I am ill, can I have an alternative? No, the other sessions have contra-indicated exercises not suitable for pre/post natal mums.