Get mobile, flexible and in shape

NB: If you are pregnant, have any injury, disease, chronic inflammation or a medical condition, please call the studio before purchasing your package, to check suitability.

The 12 week Garuda reformer apparatus kick-start programme is for those clients who need an initial jump with mobility, balance and core strength. You will regain the fundamentals of movement under our expert assistance.

What results can I see from this 12 week Garuda reformer kickstart programme?

  1. Reduce joint and back pain
  2. Gain flexibility and mobility
  3. Improve core strength & posture
  4. Sleep better
  5. Have more energy on rising
  6. Be more confident
  7. Perform better at work
  8. Have a foundation take you to the next level

Why trust me?

I have over 25 years of experience in movement and holistic therapy. I have seen and experienced the results for myself.

“I feel so much better and the added bonus is my body is in much better shape.” Tracy

“I constantly suffered with neck pain from working at a desk job and within a few months of doing pilates 2/3 times a week, the frequency of the pain had reduced a lot and I had learnt how to hold myself better to improve the pain even when it does occur.” Alison

12 Weeks Kickstart*


What do I get?

  • Twelve 60 minutes semi private sessions over a period of three months (extra sessions can be added at any time).

Bonuses (£244.98 free limited offer)!

  • Two FREE guest passes (£70 value).
  • One FREE online seven day course; select from our online packages (£19.99 value).
  • Two FREE eBooks with over 200 healthy and affordable recipes (£20.00 value).
  • FREE Prerequisite Workbook on goals, dreams and legacy (£14.99 value).
  • Monthly group zoom call – questions, answers and problems (£40.00 X 3 = £120.00 FREE consultations).

*terms and conditions apply.

What obstacles could stop me from signing up?

  1. Fear, I am more comfortable staying the same and it’s too much effort and energy to change.
  2. I start lots of new things and never stick them out.
  3. It’s my life and I am only willing to change it, when I am not prepared to stay the same.
  4. It’s too expensive, I see more value in short term goals rather than long term outcomes.
  5. I don’t want to try something new, yet I am not happy with my body and my pain.
  6. I am not prepared to change my diet, lifestyle, sleep and hydration in order to see results.
  7. I can’t commit due to holidays, children, life (we will always offer a catch up service provided its taken in the 3 months).

Who is this for?

This is for everyone form busy Mums, to drivers to office workers to weekend warriors. This may not be suitable for some medical conditions.

Terms and conditions apply

12 week usage window

24 hour cancellation

All courses are non refundable/ non transferable

For more information email: or call 0800-246-1251